Capita Solutions Outsourcing was formed in response to the demand for a an outsourcing provider that offered a straight-forward, efficient route for processing a variety of call centre, IT Support Services & Back Office Support activities offshore.

Using our organisational expertise, companies from a wide range of industries are now able to arrange for their client handling, lead generation, customer care, IT Related projects, Back Office and many more activities to be successfully undertaken in the Philippines.

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure that every project we work on goes smoothly, providing top quality results in cost-effective manner.

When you work with us, we handle the recruitment, retention, and management of the staff; all you need to do is tell us what outcomes you wish to achieve and let us do the rest.

We operate in a transparent, accountable manner, giving all our clients regular access to real time performance figures and the services of a dedicated project manager to resolve any day-to-day operational issues.

Australian Management

Australian management team. We have excellent links with the Philippines and are directly involved in recruiting appropriate staff and managing their activities in order to maximise the calibre of the service you and your customers receive. Every project is directly supervised by an Australian team member and regular quality audits are carried out on the work we undertake to ensure that it’s of the impeccable standard our clients deserve. Our aim is to give any business that wants to enjoy the benefits of offshore call centre provision the opportunity to enjoy a top grade service for an extremely competitive price.

Our secret is in our staff

We value our team of call centre workers and ensure that whilst they work for us they enjoy excellent conditions and a competitive rate of pay. All our workers are highly skilled and we regularly augment their training with input from our call centre experts. Your customers will receive an favourable first impression of your organisation when they use our facilities, speaking with operatives that have an impressive command of spoken English and little accent. We are committed to being the best at what we do, providing an exciting option for the economical delivery of a broad spectrum of call centre tasks.