We believe that what sets us apart from other providers is our commitment to the needs of our workforce, coupled with our dedication to ensuring that every client enjoys a premium call centre experience that’s specifically tailored to their needs. Whilst achieving a cost saving through offshore outsourcing is relatively straight-forward, without a high grade team that’s capable of delivering consistently high results for as long as necessary, sustainable success will remain elusive. For that reason we do all that we can to recruit and retain the very best workers we can find, providing a pool of expertise that ensures high calibre delivery of client objectives.

Pleasant environment, excellent training

Our modern, well-appointed premises are located in Makati, a fast-paced, appealing city that’s at the heart of the Philippines’ banking industry as well as widely recognised as being a centre for culture, sport and the arts. Being part of such a dynamic community adds to our appeal as an employer, ensuring we are able to attract well-educated team members who deliver outstanding results over the long term. We provide all our employees with excellent working conditions, competitive pay and on-going training to ensure they enjoy career progression and the chance to broaden their portfolio of skills. When starting work on a new project, workers benefit from a comprehensive briefing and a significant amount of additional training, ensuring that they are well prepared for the challenge.

Low turnover, excellent results

Because we treat our workers well and value their input, many of our team members stay with us for years, providing a high level of expertise. The high calibre of our workforce is reflected in the exceptional quality of the service we offer, giving clients excellent results from the outset. Close monitoring, a dedicated project manager and frequent feedback ensures every client gets the results they need, facilitating business success in a cost-effective manner.