We take the frustration out of call centre management. When you work with us, we handle the recruitment, retention and management of the staff; all you need to do is tell us what outcomes you wish to achieve and let us do the rest. We operate in a transparent, accountable manner, giving all our clients regular access to real time performance figures and the services of a dedicated project manager to resolve any day-to-day operational issues. We are committed to providing a high calibre, polished call centre experience that provides lasting benefits to clients from a variety of industry backgrounds. The Philippines is one of the leading providers of top grade outsourced call centre provision and we are ideally placed to facilitate your future success.

We offer all the benefits of a mainland call centre operation, but with significantly reduced overheads. Your audience will continue to enjoy positive, high grade interactions which have a good success rate in achieving your intended outcomes. Each employee is specifically trained in ways of making the call as user friendly a possible. We schedule calls to fit with Australian time, so regardless of the time zone difference, your clients will be able to access the call centre facility at a time which suits their needs

Given the concerns which individuals have regarding the security of their personal information and the draconian penalties which can result from security breaches, we understand how seriously companies take the protection of customer details. Our advanced security systems and comprehensive data loss prevention protocols ensure that your information is protected at every stage. We use a wide range of innovative, cutting-edge technologies and software in our provision, maximising the efficiency of call centre operation and enhancing the customer experience.

High staff turnover can be a real problem in the call centre environment, which is why we take a number of pro-active steps to make the role as attractive as possible, significantly enhancing retention. We try and keep our agents busy with a variety of different tasks, as well as providing appealing working conditions and a competitive salary. Our management team provide on-going training and advice, ensuring that every employee is given the help and support they need to remain a productive member of the team.