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Essential points to consider when hiring an outsourced QA team

When it comes to finding the right outsourced quality assurance (QA) team, choosing a reliable and experienced outsourcing provider with qualified professionals is of the utmost importance. You should research the provider carefully and make sure you consider the following points:

Check communication streams

For any outsourcing to work smoothly, effective communication is key. Successful outsourcing providers will always ensure there are clear lines of communication and points of contact open between your company and the QA team. Communication processes should also include a plan for resolving any issues and regular progress updates.

Select an appropriate engagement model

An engagement model should always be part of an outsourcing plan, so make sure you select one for your outsourced QA team. Research all the different engagement model options [http://www.networkworld.com/article/2931822/infrastructure-management/what-outsourcing-engagement-model-is-right-for-you.html] and choose one that works with your business strategy and the project’s demands.

Create a service level agreement

To get the desired outcome from your outsourcing venture, a service level agreement needs to be in place. This will outline what you expect from the outsourcing vendor, and should be clear, measurable and objective. You may want to include key delivery dates, the volume of work and client satisfaction (with surveys taken periodically), as well as other objectives.

Ensure you get the right people

When hiring an outsourced team, it’s essential that you get people you can rely on who also have experience and qualifications in the area of QA. You should check that the outsourcing provider’s pool of professionals includes technical specialists, project managers, QA leads and QA engineers.

Test infrastructure

Different projects and applications require widely different testing environments. Your outsourcing provider of choice should have extensive test lab facilities that can simulate the production environment and meet your QA demands. This infrastructure needs to be tested to ensure it’s fit for purpose.

If any third-party service providers or tools are going to be used during the QA process, you need to make sure all parties work in harmony.

Continued improvement

The aim of hiring a QA team is to make significant improvements, and this can be done through outsourcing. With a good outsourcing provider, such as Leading Edge, you can trust that the product being tested will be fit for market and exceed your customers’ expectations, while keeping your expenses down. Get in touch with us [http://capitasolutions.com/contact-us/] now to find out more.