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faq-iconAbout Capita Solutions

Learn more about us and understand why our clients trust us with their offshore outsourcing needs.

Capita Solutions is a team of highly skilled human resource professionals managed by Australian and Philippine Management Teams. We have vast experience in providing offshore services from the Philippines.

We treat our employees as family. We work hard to ensure their happiness and job satisfaction. This is key to our business success.

Expect the same treatment for each project we will assist you with, because we believe productivity and reliability are synonymous with healthy and properly compensated employees.

faq-iconAbout Offshore Outsourcing

Many Australian companies have already relocated their jobs offshore, yet there are still some questions that require further clarification.

Is the process of relocating your business functions to lower cost countries, like the Philippines. This process involves acquiring a team of remote staff who perform some, if not most, of your back office functions.

​These remote staff work for you as your employees. They work the same business hours you do and only for you.

The trend to offshore to the Philippines began many years ago with companies like Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Telstra and ANZ. This was triggered by the following factors:

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Positive work ethics
  • Skilled and globally competitive professionals
  • High-degree of proficiency in the English language

The similar time zone with Australia and New Zealand made the Philippines an attractive offshore outsourcing location. Just observe the very slight time zone difference below:

  • Same time zone with Western Australia
  • Two hours behind the East coast of Australia (AEST)
  • Four hours behind the New Zealand
  • Short flying time of only 7.5 hours from Melbourne and less from Sydney and Brisbane

faq-iconAbout Outsorcing Process

We understand you wish to learn more about the outsourcing process offered by Capita Solutions. We have listed some of the most questions our clients ask of us.

We have made it simple and easy with these four steps:

  1. We understand your business, your goals and your processes
  2. We map and detail the back office jobs you wish to relocate
  3. We hire and train your offshore contracted staff
  4. We execute the plan and commence work at your command

Yes. You can communicate and coordinate with them via:

  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Skype
  • Chat

faq-iconAbout Outsourcing Services

We offer a wide range of services in various industries. You may have queries about these, so we have listed helpful information about the services we offer.

We provide ongoing weekly, monthly or quarterly performance reports to all OBP clients. These are tailored to your needs and performance is continually improved to ensure maximum productivity.

faq-iconAbout Outsourcing Risks

Each business has associated risks. However, we eliminate and absorb most risk factors allowing you to focus on your core business concerns.

We hire only responsible and trustworthy staff members after our extensive background check process. We induct and supervise the hiring and training process to ensure workplace confidentiality is implemented. Read more about our Workplace Confidentiality Process.

No. All offshore staff are hired after our extensive background check process and OBP demands high levels of integrity from all staff members. OBP staff are inducted and are required to sign confidentiality contracts and are supervised and monitored by Team Leaders (TL) and office managers.

faq-iconAbout Outsourcing Disadvantages

Clear your mind from all hesitations. Outsourcing has more advantages than disadvantages. We eliminate all risks associated with your remote staff.

Staff retention at OBP is high. However, if this does occur, OBP assumes full responsibility of recruiting and retraining your new staff member at no additional costs.

No. Staff will work according to the business hours you require.

No. People in the Philippines have a strong American culture after decades of influence. Their style of speaking and writing is similar to that of Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Canada, as is is their sense of style, design and entertainment. Filipinos are trained and inducted in finer cultural details and live with integrity.

No. Each offshore staff member works only for you all the time. You direct and coordinate them as you require. You can call, email, chat or text with them as needed. Also when you are traveling to the Philippines you are welcome to visit them.
Our OBP team leaders report to you, receive your job requests, assigns tasks and ensure that each staff member accomplishes their assigned tasks accordingly. We guarantee that your daily operations flow smoothly and to plan.

faq-iconAbout Employee Compensation and Benefits

We worked hard in designing a great package for our employees. This is one of our secrets in maintaining high employee retention.

Yes. We offer monthly, quarterly and yearly incentives to our employees. This includes:

  • Movie passes
  • Domestic travel
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Gift certificates
  • Opportunity to visit Australia

We give client referral bonuses and employee referral bonuses to our employees

faq-iconAbout Outsourcing Regulatory Rules

We follow the Philippine Government’s Labor Code without compromising your business needs. We adhere to its implementing rules and policies.

Your offshore staff work the same working hours and business days as your office. They may be in the Philippines, but they follow your public holidays for efficient company operations.

Your offshore staff are entitled to 12 sick leave days and 12 holidays.
The health and wellness of your staff is one of our top priorities. We keep their mind fit and their body in good condition ready to face daily work challenges.