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IT services speak a language of their own. That’s part of the reason, when recruiting IT services, many organisations opt to outsource their IT instead of hiring internally. In this post, we’ll go through the reasons, risks and rewards of outsourcing your IT.

Reasons to outsource your IT

There are various reasons companies, especially small to medium-sized businesses, choose to outsource their IT.

1. Reduce costs
When you outsource, you immediately reduce or eliminate recruitment and training costs, as well as employment-related costs such as leave, superannuation, and some taxes.

2. Operational focus
We’ve all worked in a siloed service environment, where many departments compete for the limelight in a company where those who deliver the core service of the business get sidelined. Outsourcing eliminates this problem and allows for all the company’s time, resources and focus to remain with its core service offering.

3. Access better services
Whether it’s higher skilled services or better software, at some point, an outsourcer is going to have more focussed software and staff. A team of outsourced staff whose core business is IT is going to perform better than an in-house, smaller team.

There are some risks involved in outsourcing that you need to be aware of:

1. Control
While overall risk is reduced by a team of professionals with the best software and the latest training, you can lose some control of your IT services. Companies who outsource need to ensure they continue to communicate with their outsourcers and advise them of their changing needs.

2. Ease of outsourcing
Not all IT functions can be easily outsourced. A reliable and professional company will be honest with you if your costs will be higher to cover a function that is best covered in-house.

Most of the above risks can be avoided with planning. In return, choosing an outsourcer means you have access to the latest and greatest technology, training and staff; that your costs are dramatically reduced; and that you have accurate and reliable IT services without having to worry about maintaining a high performing staff.

The verdict? IT services are the perfect candidate for outsourcing. Save yourself the time, space and energy, and hire a professional IT services company to perform your support function.