Leading Edge October 21, 2015 No Comments

While many businesses appreciate the cost savings outsourcing part of a production operation or a piece of service provision can bring, some organisations are concerned that contracting and working with an external provider may be too challenging. These apprehensions may be even greater when considering outsourcing to an offshore company, particularly where there are cultural or language barriers. Using our extensive knowledge and experience of providing high calibre offshore support to a wide range of Australian companies, we’ve put together a quick guide for productive, economical working with an offshore service provider.

Careful tendering is vital

A well-planned, detailed project specification is vital in identifying a company which has the right skills and experience to deliver your piece of work successfully. Whether you’re outsourcing to an offshore provider or outsourcing to an organisation based on the same continent, you’ll still need to satisfy yourself that the successful company has the right abilities, equipment, track record and staff team to get the job done. Checking variables such as staff turnover, fluency in English, available facilities and staff pay and conditions can all help to establish whether an outsourcing company will be a good fit with your organisation. Usually a strong project brief and robust tendering process will enable you to identify an outsourcing provider that has the skillset and values you need for an economical price.

Competent project management delivers results

When you’re working with an outside agency, a clearly identifiable accountability structure, regular, high grade communication and plenty of patience can all maximise the chances of sustainable project success. A good offshore outsourcing company will usually have a native English-speaking project management team, making inter-agency communication straightforward. Aside from inescapable differences such as time zone variance (which can work in your favour, particularly when it comes to providing an out-of-hours service for your customers), managing offshore project delivery is little different to managing delivery from any other organisation.

Robust reporting and plenty of feedback

A strong outsourcing company will have a well-defined mechanism in place for communicating progress towards the agreed objectives on a regular basis. Whether you need daily reporting or a weekly summary, timely, accurate information forms a sound basis for decision making, enabling any issues to be sorted out quickly. Leading offshore providers offer a responsive service and are able to motivate their workforce to achieve your corporate objectives. Engaging in a continual dialogue with your offshore contractor and trusting them to do their utmost to provide the outcomes you want are critical ingredients for project success.

As a leading offshore provider, specialising in IT and call centre work, Leading Edge are proud of our ability to work well with companies of all sizes and many different sectors. Our well-motivated, enthusiastic work force are all university educated and have an excellent command of English, in addition to high level technical skills and plenty of relevant previous experience. If you’re looking for an affordable, expert solution to your outsourcing needs, offshore provision is an excellent option.