Many organisations want the customised, enthusiastic payroll, bookkeeping and accountancy services which they get from an in-house professional without the significant overheads and potential for under employment which taking on additional permanent staff can create. In many cases, the need for services can vary depending on the time of year, sales volume or the direction a company is currently taking. If you’re looking for affordable, flexible cover that’s delivered to the same high standards you would expect from your own staff, then why not let Leading Edge undertake the work on your behalf?

Accountants and bookkeepers

Almost invariably, when companies want assistance with back office work, they want a team that can quickly “get up to speed” with what’s needed and start delivering quickly. Our accountants, bookkeepers and accounting technicians are hand-picked for their excellent qualifications and extensive corporate knowledge. The team are all familiar with Australian tax and accountancy law and practices, ensuring their knowledge is relevant to mainland financial issues. Once you tell us what you need, we can start working almost immediately to deliver your objectives. Whether you require occasional assistance to cope with peaks in business or particular periods of the year, or require on-going financial support, we can customise what we do to meet your needs.

Payroll expertise and invoicing

As businesses grow, managing the payroll can become a challenge. The complex legislation which surrounds employee rights, pensions, insurance and more means that managing the payroll requires considerable expertise. Why not let us undertake the job for you using our payroll staff? Each individual has up-to-date experience in the field as well as all the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done properly. If required we can also handle your invoicing and accounts paid operation, reducing the need for costly follow-ups and chasing.

Help desk expertise and more

Our highly qualified, professional and enthusiastic team can provide help desk services for a wide variety of technical areas, ensuring your clients receive premium support whenever they pick up the phone. We offer a flexible, expert solution to your back office needs, using our high-calibre offshore workforce to deliver the same high-quality provision you would expect from a mainland provider at a significantly lower cost. If you need additional capacity in your organisation and want a versatile provider that delivers real benefit, call us now for further information.