Are you planning a fresh campaign that needs a high volume of data entry, filing or submission processing completing quickly and accurately? Maybe you’ve got an on-going need for experienced staff that can handle your business support in a consistent, competent manner. For these circumstances and many more, offshore support is an affordable solution that gets you the outcomes you need for less than you would expect. With a strong track record in the delivery of a spectrum of support services, Capita Solutions can meet your needs quickly and conveniently, using our highly qualified and experienced team.

Customised workforce ready to go

Our workforce consists on a number of university educated, intelligent and articulate graduates with an excellent command of written and spoken English. Not only are they ideally qualified to work on any back-office job, many also have specialist skills which can ensure that niche projects are delivered successfully. If you need medical filing undertaken, have marketing material that requires processing or are involved in logistics, we have appropriate employees that have the right skills set to meet your particular requirements. We offer a multi-strand solution, meaning that complex projects can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Fast and impeccable implementation

We understand that many of our clients need business support rapidly. Rather than waste days or weeks recruiting and training a suitable team, why not let us supply you with one? We’ve got experienced, suitably trained people already available, ready to start on your project as soon as they’re briefed on what’s needed. Our workforce allows your project to go “live” quickly, fitting with your other deadlines and enabling your operation to proceed speedily and efficiently. Once the work is complete, there’s no need to worry about retention, redundancy or other employment issues; we are happy to complete short term pieces of work or engage in a long term arrangement if required.

Wide variety of services available now

At our offshore premises in the Philippines, Capita Solutions can undertake your contract processing, data mining, forms processing, electronic filing and any other related task. Our team love what they do and will enthusiastically embrace the challenge of delivering your project to an exceptionally high standard. If you need a top grade solution to your back-office resource issue, call us now to see how we can help.