For many people, the service they receive when they pick up the phone will have a significant impact on the way in which they view your organisation and the likelihood of their continued loyalty. We recognise that every time a customer makes a call, there’s an opportunity to reinforce a positive relationship, add value to the user experience and inform customers of fresh goods and services.

Inbound Services

Our skilled agents know the value of polite, prompt, attentive and pro-active call centre services which give every client a customised, high calibre encounter that’s mutually satisfactory.

Answering queries regarding products and processing customer orders is often seen as a routine part of the customer/organisation interface. In reality, speaking with an agent who demonstrates exceptional product knowledge, or who has the skill to suggest suitable cross-selling or up-selling options should the original product prove unsuitable, can mean the difference between a lost sale and a closed one. We give all our staff comprehensive training on your specific requirements and product information, enabling them to provide a helpful, high-grade service that’s appreciated by your clients. ​

It’s easier to retain customer loyalty than it is to continuously generate fresh prospects and undertake new sales. That’s why a competent, friendly and professional customer care team is an essential part of any successful business. When you contract with us, you can be confident that your clients will receive a supportive, helpful service that’s shaped to reflect your organisation’s values and goals. Demonstrating exceptional English language skills and plenty of enthusiasm, every call handler understands the need to use their contact time with your client in order to further convince them that their decision to opt for your provision was the correct one.

Good listening skills, a creative approach to meeting customer needs and exceptional knowledge of your products are all hallmarks of our call centre team. When conducting a call, they will use opportunities to sell as they arise, assisting customers at the same time as making appropriate product suggestions and solutions. The ability to go above and beyond what’s required in order to increase sales is just one of the reasons why a growing number of clients are choosing us as their preferred call centre provider. Call us now to see how your operation could benefit from our exceptional services.