Whether it’s converting leads to sales, generating fresh appointments for your sales team or speaking with your target audience in order to generate a short list of people that are likely to buy, outbound services are an essential part of many successful business models. At Capita Solutions we provide high-quality call centre services that will give you the results you want within your agreed time frame and budget.

Experienced staff with considerable expertise

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team are all university educated with an excellent grasp of written and spoken English. Already experienced in call centre work, we provide each employee with project specific training to ensure they’re fully briefed on your expectations and objectives. Throughout the duration of work, we support our staff through regular feedback, rigorous monitoring and quality control. No matter what your objectives may be, our skilled workforce can deliver them.

Cost-effective lead generation and appointment setting

If your sales team need a supply of potential clients who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer and have the decision making responsibilities you need to close the deal, we can provide them. Our agents know the right questions to ask from prospective targets and the appropriate responses to queries and objections which will maximise the chances of persuading a customer that your goods or services are of interest. Invariably polite and articulate, our team give an excellent impression of your organisation and ensure that your organisational values come across clearly during the call.

Effective telesales

Done correctly, telesales can yield significant revenue and generate a steady income stream that’s always of value. We use exceptional sales people to work on your behalf, who have the capability to turn large proportions of your leads into successful outcomes. Using a mixture of traditional sales techniques and innovative new approaches, we have the patience, time and expertise to achieve the results you crave.

Free up your workforce

Successful outbound calling requires a specific skill set and plenty of experience. That’s why a growing number of organisations are outsourcing their outbound operations to us, freeing up their workforce to concentrate on core business. We deliver the outcomes you want, quickly and conveniently; simply tell us what you need and our exceptional workforce will deliver it for you, ensuring a regular stream of appointments, attractive sales prospects and other appealing outcomes. Get in touch now for further information.