Any organisation that’s involved in the creation or supply of technical gadgets will appreciate that after top grade after market care is vital to continued success. Glitches, software issues, mechanical breakdown and operator error are all common reasons that customers will call for assistance. When they do make contact, having knowledgeable, patient and skilled operatives at the end of the line is essential. The premium many people place on their technology and the disruption to their lives when it fails to perform as required means that premium tech support is always in demand.

Highly skilled agents with specialist knowledge

When you turn to us for your help desk provision, you will be enlisting the help of a highly qualified team that have a high degree of expertise in your field. Our help desk operatives are all university educated with relevant degrees. They will already have had appropriate experience, often working in a similar capacity for leading electronics companies or related industries. This means they are capable of assimilating complex product information easily and have the skills to offer meaningful solutions based on genuine understanding rather than simply reading from a script.

We hit the ground running

In-house tech support is a costly and risky operation. Frequently businesses can struggle to find enough appropriately qualified staff within their immediate geographical area. Delays whilst appropriate training is delivered and troubleshooting during implementation can all result in decreased customer care and unsustainable overheads. In contrast, when you turn to us for your help desk provision, you’re contracting with a team that’s already highly experienced and can be project ready rapidly. Our sophisticated software and advanced call centre technology has already been extensively tested, minimising the risk of problems once your project goes live. If you want a high-grade answer to your help desk needs, we’re here to help.

Experience in a wide variety of different area

In the past we’ve worked on a number of different help desk projects, giving our team expertise in a number of different areas: software installation and troubleshooting; diagnostics; support for residential computer users; assistance for mobile phone users and help with navigating information on your website. We offer a winning combination of highly trained staff and advanced technology that’s specifically geared to meeting the needs of a mainland company. Call us now to find out how we can meet your tech support requirements for a surprisingly affordable price.