A major challenge for many organisations is avoiding investment in technology which isn’t future proof, or technologies which don’t have the capacity to expand as the business grows. This is why a large number of companies are choosing to outsource part or all of their IT needs to an outside provider. At Capita Solutions, you can expect high-calibre, flexible IT provision that’s specifically customised to the needs of your organisation. We are committed to providing what you need, enabling you to meet your objectives in a cost-effective manner.

We don’t compromise on quality

Our offshore operation delivers the same high-grade IT expertise you would expect from a mainland company. The individuals we employ to deliver on your project are all university educated and have relevant post-graduate experience. We treat our workers well, providing them with an exceptional working environment and locally competitive salary. Our comprehensive training programme and excellent quality control ensures that all our clients benefit from exceptional service, with any problems being pro-actively managed and resolved. With emphasis on flexible provision that’s responsive to client needs, our operation can keep pace with your demands, offering a premium alternative to in-house provision.

Wide spectrum of IT services

We can create a tailored package which includes a number of different elements: technical support; designing; Internet marketing; network engineering and web development are all available. Our support can be varied to suit your changing IT requirements; whether you’re planning a marketing campaign, projecting additional growth or looking at implementing a data loss protection strategy that requires changes and enhancements to your systems, we’ve got the capacity to deliver on time and within the agreed budget.

Cutting-edge IT facilities

We pride ourselves on offering the latest, most advanced technological solutions. Because we work with a number of clients, we’re able to offer expensive technologies and ways of working at a competitive price. This gives you the flexibility to find out if a particular approach suits your business without the need to commit to a pricey purchase. As new products come on to the market, we make them available to our clients, enabling you to benefit from the most modern, up-to-date IT solutions on the market. We quickly assimilate what’s required for successfully achieving your IT goals and then do our utmost to meet them. To discover how we can equip your organisation with everything it needs for IT success in the 21st Century, call us now.