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Why outsource SEO activity?

In this day and age, companies cannot be blind to the advantages search marketing can bring to their business. Effective search engine optimisation is essential in enhancing online visibility. The question is whether to try and handle it in-house, or bring in the expertise of an outsourcing vendor. Keeping SEO as an internal function will undoubtedly eat less into your marketing budget and arguably give you more control, but is it a false economy?
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Why outsource? Outbound call centre

Outbound sales: no one wants to do it, almost everybody needs to. Why? It works. Yes, our buying cycle has changed since we started to buy online instead of being sold to. Yes, most of us have become experts at filtering distractions and unwanted calls. Yet, despite all these things, outbound sales still works. The same salesmanship techniques that worked in 1916 work on prospective customers in 2016. The fundamentals of salesmanship still make it a stronger candidate for the greatest potential business than any other technique.

Here are the reasons that outbound sales is still a must for most businesses:
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Accounts payable: why outsource?

There are some corporate functions that lend themselves well to being outsourced. Efficient and effective accounts payable is a goldmine when you strike the right balance, but it can be a real drain on resources and can come with high opportunity costs if you don’t get it right.

Many businesses make their attempts at improving the functionality of their accounts payable by investing in expensive software that makes the role easier, and maintains a sense of cohesion between staff members. However, good software can be prohibitive, depending on the size of the department.

Why do so many businesses choose to outsource their accounts payable function?

Recently, Canon partnered with Paystream Advisors to survey businesses about their accounts payable and found that they were outsourced because of the following key challenges:

  • Paper invoicing was still common, and the majority of invoices were received on paper
  • Manual data entry takes up a lot of paid staff time, along with all the associated overheads
  • Invoices needed to be manually routed for approval from other staff members
  • When performed in-house, there were a high number of discrepancies and exceptions in the reporting
  • The in-house process was slow, so the invoices ultimately increased in price as they didn’t mean requirements for discounting
  • Receiving invoices couldn’t be adequately centralised
  • Invoices were missing or lost

In-house reporting wasn’t adequately capturing real-time data regarding outstanding liabilities

Those organisations that had chosen to outsource their accounts payable found that it had been the critical step for cost control of the department and for high performance.

Some organisations chose not to outsource the entire process, but to outsource part of it. The accounts payable process can be broken up into the following segments:

1. Mailroom tasks, including opening envelopes
2. Invoice scanning and work queue management
3. Data entry
4. Storage, search and retrieval (key to record keeping)
5. Internal routing for approval
6. Reporting, support and help desk

As you can see, there are many options for outsourcing that will benefit your accounts payable process. You can select the components of your process that could benefit from greater efficiencies, or you could realise the benefits of outsourcing for the whole process.

Why is tech support so important?

Whether you’re computer illiterate or a technological wizard, every person at some point in their life has struggled with technology in one way or another. There’s nothing more frustrating than when a technological service, application, website or network system isn’t working properly. During these times of toil, we can feel desperate and alone and the best way to remedy this is with professional technical support. Here are a list of reasons why tech support is so important to a business:

Technology is our lifeblood

Without technology, the world would stand still. People rely on technology in almost every aspect of their lives and when it stops working it can be extremely annoying and lead to downtime, lost productivity and, in some cases, waning customer satisfaction. Your customers need to have some form of technical support they can look to for when they need help.

People lack patience

In today’s fast-paced era, our attention spans are growing shorter. When we need help, we need it fast and tech support is a great way to do this. There are many mediums on which tech support can be conducted, whether it’s over the phone, on a digital forum or via email. The most popular option is usually a phone service. This is because it connects people almost instantly and allows people to be more specific with their troubleshooting, while a real-life conversation helps to reassure customers.

People need to know you care

The fact that you have a tech support division proves to customers that you care about their happiness and satisfaction. While not everyone will even use the service, it’s a comfort to know it’s there. Many customers will expect there to be a tech support service available before they will invest in a product or service.

If your business or company is involved in the creation or supply of technical gadgets or software, it’s essential that you have a tech support division. One of the easiest ways to incorporate tech support into your business is via outsourcing to a reliable third party.

Top trends in IT outsourcing for 2016

Top trends in IT outsourcing for 2016

Businesses are always seeking to improve and evolve. IT outsourcing in particular has experienced marked changes in the past and with outsourcing becoming more common as a business strategy in many parts of the world, certain trends will cause significant shifts in terms of the way IT outsourcing businesses operate. Today, we’ll look at a few of the trends that will be a big deal in 2016.

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Why Outsource ?

More and more people are choosing to outsource these days. In the year 2000, outsourcing companies made around $45 billion in revenue. By 2014 this had skyrocketed to $104.6 billion. It’s obvious that outsourcing is helping a lot of businesses to grow! If this revenue has more than doubled in size, it’s a pretty clear indication that outsourcing is working well for a lot of companies.

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Maximising outsourcing potential

While many businesses appreciate the cost savings outsourcing part of a production operation or a piece of service provision can bring, some organisations are concerned that contracting and working with an external provider may be too challenging. These apprehensions may be even greater when considering outsourcing to an offshore company, particularly where there are cultural or language barriers. Using our extensive knowledge and experience of providing high calibre offshore support to a wide range of Australian companies, we’ve put together a quick guide for productive, economical working with an offshore service provider.

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BPO as a tool to help your business

As businesses expand, their needs will change. In order to succeed, you need to strike while the iron is hot. In other words, as hype builds and your business grows, you need to provide your customers with a quality service. What that service is could grow dramatically in a short space of time, and you need to rise to meet those needs. Outsourcing is an excellent way to achieve this.

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Why consider the Philippines for your BPO?

Why consider the Philippines for your BPO

With recent figures from Philstar showing that the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in the Philippines has increased by 22% in a year, it’s clear that a growing number of organisations in English-speaking countries are choosing to use offshore BPO companies to meet their outsourcing needs. Traditionally used because of the cost economies which could be achieved through differences in wages and overheads, contemporary contractors are increasingly considering outsourcing to the Philippines due to the exceptionally high calibre of the workforce. Take a look at some of the advantages which a Philippines-based staff team can bring to your project.

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