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Why consider the Philippines for your BPO

With recent figures from Philstar showing that the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in the Philippines has increased by 22% in a year, it’s clear that a growing number of organisations in English-speaking countries are choosing to use offshore BPO companies to meet their outsourcing needs. Traditionally used because of the cost economies which could be achieved through differences in wages and overheads, contemporary contractors are increasingly considering outsourcing to the Philippines due to the exceptionally high calibre of the workforce. Take a look at some of the advantages which a Philippines-based staff team can bring to your project.

Well-qualified individuals

The majority of employees in the BPO sector are well-educated, with many of those involved in technical service provision, such as IT helpdesk work, holding graduate qualifications in their field. Excellent written and spoken English, in addition to relevant experience, mean that the staff team working on your project will be able to communicate effectively and professionally with your customers, as well as provide a high level of service. At Leading Edge we will recruit a team to meet your specific requirements, maximising the chances of your project being a spectacular success.

Excellent pay and conditions

Although outsourcing means a cheaper salary and overheads bill, this isn’t reflected in the treatment our employees receive. All workers are paid a fair rate for the job, in addition to enjoying regular time off, a modern, safe and pleasant work environment and opportunities for further training and advancement. Before taking on a project, the team will receive a comprehensive briefing and appropriate training, ensuring they’re able to “hit the ground running” once they start working towards meeting your objectives. If you have a corporate incentive scheme or other organisational motivational tools that you wish our workforce to have access to, we’re happy to include these as part of the package you’ll receive.

Our workforce want to be here!

Once of the key characteristics of a successful BPO organisation in the Philippines is that they have a low staff turnover and high retention rate. We have put a considerable amount of time, effort and money into ensuring that, once we’ve recruited high grade employees, we look after them. From excellent conditions to providing access to intriguing, exciting and varied project work, we do everything we can to reward our workforce for their skills and loyalty. The result is a highly motivated, enthusiastic team committed to meeting, or even exceeding, the targets and objectives you’ve set.

Given the many advantages which outsourcing to an offshore provider can bring, it’s little wonder that a growing number of companies are opting to use us for everything from customer service call centre provision to IT helpdesk work. No matter what you need to achieve, we’ve got the people and the skills to make it happen for a highly affordable price. To find out more about the benefits offshore service provision can bring to your business, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.