Leading Edge February 18, 2016 No Comments

Outbound sales: no one wants to do it, almost everybody needs to. Why? It works. Yes, our buying cycle has changed since we started to buy online instead of being sold to. Yes, most of us have become experts at filtering distractions and unwanted calls. Yet, despite all these things, outbound sales still works. The same salesmanship techniques that worked in 1916 work on prospective customers in 2016. The fundamentals of salesmanship still make it a stronger candidate for the greatest potential business than any other technique.

Here are the reasons that outbound sales is still a must for most businesses:

1. Predictable
Once you hire a sales representative and nail the process required to increase sales, you know that by implementing that process your sales rep can deliver predictable and scalable results. Having an accurate forecast of where your sales will be in three, six or twelve months from now is a powerful tool for business owners.

2. Control
Outbound is hunting. Inbound is fishing. With outbound sales, you choose your target and strike. With inbound sales, you put your bait in the water and hope for fish. Outbound sales gives you control and the power to choose your target customer.

3. Results
Outbound sales works. And more importantly, it works immediately. You don’t have to flush the market with catalogues or billboards and hope that eventually brand awareness will build. If you want to sell something right now, you pick up the phone.

4. Targeting
Want to reach the HR manager of Coca-Cola? Try getting their attention via an inbound call centre. You can’t. With an outbound call centre, you know that you can target your market in a specific and controlled manner.

5. Engagement
When you can create opportunities for one-on-one communication, all else pales in comparison.

Is outbound right for you?
Selling is not a core competency for every business, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be taking advantage of the returns of outbound marketing. If you outsource this component of your business, you can trust that the results you get will fulfil all of the benefits outlined above. Outbound sales marketing is hard, it’s not trendy, but it works. Outsourcing is the way to get it to work with minimal disruption to your core business. If you’re a start-up or looking to grow as a business, your success is about the bottom line. And there is no technique that will move that bottom line quite like an outsourced outbound call centre.