Leading Edge February 24, 2016 No Comments

In this day and age, companies cannot be blind to the advantages search marketing can bring to their business. Effective search engine optimisation is essential in enhancing online visibility. The question is whether to try and handle it in-house, or bring in the expertise of an outsourcing vendor. Keeping SEO as an internal function will undoubtedly eat less into your marketing budget and arguably give you more control, but is it a false economy?

There are three key areas to consider when deciding whether outsourcing your SEO is a sounder proposition for your business than doing it in-house.

Any expert on Search Engine Optimisation will tell you that change is the name of the game. Google updates its algorithms approximately 10 times every week – can your business keep up with that level of dynamism? The every-day job of SEO professionals is to keep up with these ever-changing trends, so outsourcing your SEO to an external agency or consultant could potentially save you time, frustration and in the long-term, money.

SEO is not as straightforward as you may think. Amateur efforts by those with little knowledge of this complicated subject will not be successful and are an empty use of your in-house resources. Outsourcing your SEO will give you access to experts in the field, who will have the most sophisticated SEO marketing tools at their disposal, leaving you and your staff free to focus on your overall strategy and core business.

While bringing in external expertise will inevitably have a cost attached, in the long-term, outsourcing your SEO may well be more cost-effective than trying to tackle it in-house. Any outsourcing company’s business relies on the results they achieve for their clients- so it is in their interest to improve your SEO and give you maximum return on investment.

In summary…
Bringing in the experts to manage the SEO efforts of your business can be the best and most efficient way to optimise the online presence of your business. As is the case with so many specialist business functions, it pays to consider the wider benefits of outsourcing.